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Take your streaming or video content to the next level – with Eye Tracking + Tobii Streaming Gaze Overlay

Show off your gaming skills with the Tobii Streaming Gaze Overlay. By being able to show where you are looking in the game you don’t need to tell your viewers what you are seeing or explain your actions, you can just show it and make it easier for you viewers to follow. Free to download.

It works with any Game or App

• The Gaze Stream is an overlay that can overlay any game or application. Use cases are endless.

• Have you ever wondered where things went downhill? Streaming Gaze Overlay can answer quite a few questions.

• Your audience can get a better understanding of how you play and where your focus is.

• It is possible to broadcast or record the Gaze Overlay in a two computer set up, read more here

• You don’t need to have the live preview active while playing, its inobtrusive.

• Just record it in software and watch it back later or let your audience watch your session live.

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Streaming Gaze Overlay settings

Add personality to your gaze overlay

You can pick shapes between having a solid circle or a bubble. You can also pick size, amount of trail and filtering. The coolest part? Pick your own color with the full color mixer. With that you can also turn down the opacity.
One more thing, if you feel like living it up you can also add a background color key.

For more details and how to get started using the Streaming Gaze Overlay extension, please visit

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Watch these gamers using the Gaze Overlay

Disclaimer: None of these players are sponsored by Tobii, their opinions on the product are their own and does not represent Tobii

Kephrii – Streaming Gaze Overlay in Overwatch

Competitive Overwatch player Kephrii plays with the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

Unit Lost – Overwatch Eye Tracker Gameplay

Unit Lost analyses his Overwatch game with the Streaming Gaze Overlay

Alex8b – Streaming Gaze Overlay with Counter-Strike

Alex8b from the Tobii Team plays CSGO with the Streaming Gaze Overlay

New Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

The next generation PC Gaming Eye Tracker peripheral.

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