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Take your video content to the next level with Eye Tracking + Tobii Streaming Gaze Overlay

Make it easier for your viewers to follow along or get insight into how you play compared to the pros. The Streaming Gaze Overlay reveals a lot more than what happens – it shows how and why it happens.

Show ’em how it’s done – in any game

• The Gaze Overlay can be used with any PC game.

• By highlighting exactly where you’re looking in real-time, you won’t need to explain what you’re seeing.

• The overlay can be made invisible while you play, so it won’t get in the way.

• Your audience can get a better understanding of where your focus is and how you make decisions.

• Record your gameplay with the overlay or heatmap for basic game analysis.

• You can broadcast or record the Gaze Overlay in a two computer setup, read more here.

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Personalize your overlay

  • Customize your overlay’s shape, size, speed, color… and much more! Tailor its look and feel to suit your preferences and personality.
  • Make it easier for your viewers to follow your gaze with a bubble or circle, or use the heatmap function for a simpler game analysis.

See how it’s done by other gamers

Disclaimer: None of these players are sponsored by Tobii, their opinions on the product are their own and does not represent Tobii

Kephrii – Streaming Gaze Overlay in Overwatch

Competitive Overwatch player Kephrii plays with the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

Unit Lost – Overwatch Eye Tracker Gameplay

Unit Lost analyses his Overwatch game with the Streaming Gaze Overlay

Alex8b – Streaming Gaze Overlay with Counter-Strike

Alex8b from the Tobii Team plays CSGO with the Streaming Gaze Overlay

New Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

The next generation PC Gaming Eye Tracker peripheral.

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