Tobii EyeX

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The original gaming eye tracker. Also a powerful game development kit.

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    The Tobii EyeX is a powerful gaming eye tracker that provides entirely new game experiences by allowing gamers to communicate with their PCs, using their eyes.

    Functions as a developer kit for game developers to bring immersive eye tracking features to their games.

    It is also the only eye tracking device validated to support Windows Hello, allowing gamers to also enjoy the ease and convenience of password-free logins with facial recognition in Windows 10.

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    *The Tobii EyeX is specifically made and tuned for PC gaming experiences. If you would like to purchase the Tobii EyeX for research purposes, please contact Tobii Pro.

    Additional Information


    USB 3.0

    Screen size:

    Up to 27″

    Headbox size:

    6 x 12″ / 40 x 30 cm at 26″ / 65 cm

    Operating range:

    20-35″ / 50-90 cm

    Operating System

    Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7

    System performance

    2.0 GHz quad core Intel i5 or i7. 8GB RAM

    Data rate:

    >60 Hz


    91 grams

    Size (WxHxL)

    0.8×0.6×12.5 in /20x15x230

    SDK Compatability

    Works with Tobii Gaming SDKs (Unity, UE4, C++, .NET). Not applicable for Tobii Pro SDKs and Assistive Technology purposes.