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How to Play the Hunter with Eye Tracking

Your well-trained eye will assist you in polishing those hunting skills.

Let your eyes guide you as you scout for game and aim at your next kill.

As a hunter, experience the thrill of the hunt in vast realistic environments, using everything from crossbows to state of the art bolt action rifles.  

Genre: Simulation

Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: Avalanche Studios

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Store: Steam

Eye Tracking Features

Without Eye Tracking

You use the mouse to manually adjust your view in the direction you want to look.

With Eye Tracking

The center of the screen follows the movement of your eyes, broadening the screen real estate and extending your view of your surroundings.

Without Eye Tracking

You need two interactions with the controller: One to aim, and one to shoot.

With Eye Tracking

Close one eye, and your rifle’s scope will appear right at the spot you are looking.

Without Eye Tracking

You would use the controller to move the binoculars.

Without Eye Tracking

Re-create the effect of looking through binoculars by panning your eyes.

What is Eye Tracking?

Learn about the technology that gives gamers the ability to play in new, immersive ways, while allowing game studios to create powerful game experiences that was previously impossible.


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