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Play Take on Helicopters with Eye Tracking

Take on Helicopters will immerse you into two large scale, open world environments.

Experience real visual freedom in the cockpit, without changing course. Use your gaze to plunge even deeper into the Seattle skyscrapers and the jungles of South Asia.

You take on the role of a civilian helicopter pilot. Harry Larkin’s aviation business has fallen on tough times, and now it’s only days from closure. As his son, you struggle to save the company, and together with your brother, you must take on contracts and competitors.

Genre: Simulation

Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Store: Steam

Requires: Tobii Game Hub Extension

What is Eye Tracking?

Learn about the technology that gives gamers the ability to play in new, immersive ways, while allowing game studios to create powerful game experiences that was previously impossible.


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