Play Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun with Eye Tracking

Set your sights on defeating the secretive kage-sama faction in the Edo period.

Your natural gaze will help you outsmart, sneak past and ruthlessly eliminate foes who plan to overthrow the shogun.

As commander of a team of ninjas – in a game where stealth is everything and being spotted by the enemy means almost certain death – your mission is to infiltrate castles, gather information through espionage, fight rebellions and furtively assassinate your opponents.

Genre: Stealth, Strategy, Indie

Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Developer: Mimimi Productions

Store: Steam

Eye Tracking Features

Without Eye Tracking

You interact with the NPCs solely with your input device.

With Eye Tracking

When using keyboard and mouse, look at an enemy whose viewcone you want to reveal, then press R keyboard key. Combine this feature with Center at Gaze and Bungee zoom for a more fluid and stealthier gameworld navigation.

Without Eye Tracking

You need to aim and interact with the world around you using only your input device.

With Eye Tracking

When using a gamepad, you can select the target or spot you wish to aim to by looking at it – adding target acquisition speed and fluidity to the gameplay.

Without Eye Tracking

Ooops, this feature is not available without Eye Tracking.

With Eye Tracking

Click U on your keyboard to center the scene camera on where you are looking – providing an easy way to navigate the area and plan ahead your next move.

Without Eye Tracking

You need to select manually the ability with your input device.

With Eye Tracking

Interact with the abilities menu by looking at the ability of your choice, and pressing R on your keyboard to select it.

Without Eye Tracking

 Noope, sadly this feature is not available without Eye Tracking.

With Eye Tracking

Press appointed key to zoom out, release to zoom in where you look – enhancing navigation fluidity and improving situational awareness and action planning.

Without Eye Tracking

You interact with the Viewcone Marker entirely with your input device.

With Eye Tracking

With gamepad, look at the spot you want the marker to be put on and click to place it – enhancing the fluidity of the game.

What is Eye Tracking?

Learn about the technology that gives gamers the ability to play in new, immersive ways, while allowing game studios to create powerful game experiences that was previously impossible.


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