Offworld Trading Company with Tobii Eye Tracking
Powered by Tobii Eye Tracking

Build an Offworld Trading Company with Tobii Eye Tracking

Mars has been colonized – leave Earth behind and make a new name for yourself as a titan of industry on the red planet in this fast-paced RTS game.

The 2 eye tracking features in the game help you navigate the Martian map with ease and fluidity.

  • Use Bungee Zoom to quickly zoom out and get a better, general overview of the world map
  • Center at Gaze lets you navigate the map camera with greater speed by following your natural gaze, giving you more time to make those tough decisions
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Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: Stardock Entertainment

Developer: Mohawk Games

Requires: Tobii Game Hub

Store: Steam

Immersive Features:
Bungee Zoom
Center at Gaze

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