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Eye Tracking Features in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Extended View

Move the in-game camera as you look around.

Interact at Gaze

Easily select objects by looking at them.

Clean UI

Hide UI elements when you don’t need them.

Target  at Gaze

Select your target using your gaze.

Make your choices. See the story unfold.

Plunge into an epic adventure and immerse yourself in a stunning medieval world with eye tracking. Enhance your experience with 4 exclusive gameplay features that heighten your feel for the environment and make your interactions in the game world more natural.

  • Extended View with Head Tracking
  • Interact at Gaze
  • Clean UI
  • Target at Gaze

Tobii Eye Tracking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Check out how Sir Radzig himself is playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance with Tobii Eye Tracking.

Additional information

Action, Adventure, RPG

Release Date
February 13, 2018

Warhorse Studios

Warhorse Studios

PC, Eye Tracker


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