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Play Giant Machines 2017 with Tobii Eye Tracking

Take control over seven of the biggest industrial machines in the world with Giant Machines 2017. Get an even more life-like experience with Tobii Eye Tracking. The eye tracking feature Extended View will allow you to rotate the in game camera using your eyes. Extended View will immerse you further into the world of really heavy machinery.

The feature Clean UI will provide a less cluttered experience and remove the HUD elements of the game when not looked upon – and bring them back whenever you need them. Will you be able to complete the ultimate goal of Giants Machine 2017 and send a space shuttle to space?

Genre: Simulation, Indie

Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: PlayWay S.A.

Developer: Code Horizon

Store: Steam

Requires: Tobii Game Hub

Immersive Features: Extended View, Clean UI

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