How to Play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with Eye Tracking

Your natural gaze enhances your gameplay experience. Let your eyes take control of the screen. Aim, dash, interact with objects, and quickly select augmentations.

As a mechanically enhanced agent, your goal is to unravel the conspiracy that threatens the lives of augmented humans. One thing is clear: Your vision will challenge the perception of what is meta-human.

Genre: Action, Adventure

Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Eidos Montreal

Store: Steam

Eye Tracking Features

Without Eye Tracking

You aim and interact with the world around you using only your controller.

With Eye Tracking

The camera will automatically centre on the direction of the target you are looking at, adding target acquisition speed and accuracy to the gameplay. If necessary, fine adjust to shoot your enemy with the controller, and then fire.

Without Eye Tracking

Your view is restricted to that of what fits within your screen.

With Eye Tracking

The scene camera pans out as your gaze reaches the edges of the screen, improving situational awareness.

Without Eye Tracking

You dash in the direction of your mouse / gamepad pointer.

With Eye Tracking

Look in a direction you want Adam to move in – even vertically, and click appointed key to sprint. You can combine this feature with cover at gaze – enhancing the fluidity of the gameplay.

Without Eye Tracking

Move the controller to where you want to go manually.

With Eye Tracking

Look to a point in which you want to take cover, press the prompt button to run and take cover. Combine this feature with Extended View to quickly locate targets while in cover – adding target acquisition speed to the gameplay.

Without Eye Tracking

You interact with the world around you using only your input device.

With Eye Tracking

Use your natural gaze to intuitively interact with the world around you. Look at an object within range, and click appointed key to interact with it.

Without Eye Tracking

All the HUD elements are visible during gameplay.

With Eye Tracking

The mini-map, ammunition and health are dimmed until you look at them – reducing clutter, and augmenting the game world exposure.

Without Eye Tracking

You use a series of designated keys and your chosen input device to select augmentations or inventory items.

With Eye Tracking

Go through augmentations or inventory items by quickly navigating the menu with your gaze, and then press designated key to select – minimizing your time response to heavy fire, for example.

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