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How to Play DayZ with Eye Tracking

Control your peripheral vision to survive.

Your expanded field of vision will help you locate zombies, food, weapons, ammo, clothes and friends – or foes.

Stay alive, and your enhanced scope will transport you to a barren, foggy, and drenched in despair post-soviet wasteland.

Genre: Action

Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Store: Steam

Requires: Tobii Game Hub Extension

Eye Tracking Features

Without Eye Tracking

Your view is restricted to that of what fits within your screen.

With Eye Tracking

The scene camera pans out as your gaze reaches the edges of your screen – improving situational awareness.

From The Community

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PsiSyndicate tries to sell some tires in DayZ Standalone using a Tobii eye tracker!

DayZ & EyeX 10:27

PartiallyRoyal sets up his eye tracker for use in DayZ and explains how the immersion feels like.

Play DayZ with your Eyes 3:56

Silo Entertainment explains how to control DayZ with your Eyes!

 What is Eye Tracking?

Learn about the technology that gives gamers the ability to play in new, immersive ways, while allowing game studios to create powerful game experiences that was previously impossible.


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