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Find out what it takes to be a bus driver in a vast and freely drivable urban area from the harbor and industrial zones to downtown and outlying villages.

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Eye Tracking Features in Bus Simulator 18

Extended View

Control the in-game camera with your eyes and head. Look towards the edges of the screen to pan and rotate the camera for a wider field of view.

Clean UI

Declutters the game screen of HUD elements when you aren’t looking at them.

Zoom at Gaze

Allows you to zoom into where you are looking on the game screen, perhaps at a dial or button on your dashboard.

Object Awareness

Allows you to interact with elements of the game world by looking at them (in character mode)

Can I see your tickets, please!

Filled with a busload of features from route planning to smart traffic AI and challenging traffic situations, deepen the immersion further by adding eye tracking to your game.

  • Clean UI
  • Zoom at Gaze
  • Extended View
  • Object Awareness (character mode)

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Bus Simulator 18 – Multiplayer Trailer 

Take a closer look at Bus Simulator 18’s cooperative multiplayer mode. Allowing you and up to 3 friends to play together and help promote your bus service.

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13 June 2018

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