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Experience a New Beginning
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Gaze in wonder as you explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and uncover the origin story of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.

How to play

Eye Tracking Features in Assassin’s Creed® Origins

Enemy Tagging

Tag enemies automatically as you spot them.

Dynamic Light & Sun Effects

Brightness levels adjust naturally to your gaze.

Extended View

Move the in-game camera as you look around.

Aim at Gaze

Hit targets by aiming directly with your sight.

+ Exclusive New Eye Tracking Features

In addition to well-established features in the franchise, such as Extended View and Enemy Tagging, Assassin’s Creed Origins includes exciting, brand new features adapted exclusively for the game.

Find out more

  • Aim at Gaze
  • Enemy Tagging
  • Lock Target at Gaze
  • Interaction at Gaze
  • Extended View
  • Dynamic Light
  • Sun Effects

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How to Play Assassin’s Creed Origins with Tobii Eye Tracking

Experience the action in a whole new light with Tobii Eye Tracking. Open your eyes to new possibilities – watch the How to Play video to uncover the full power of your natural gaze.

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Additional information

Action, Adventure, Drama

Release Date
October 27, 2017

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PC, Eye Tracker


Age Ratings
USK 16, PEGI 18

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