Agents of Mayhem-Tobii Eye Tracking
Coming soon, powered by Tobii eye tracking

Play Agents of Mayhem with Tobii Eye Tracking!

In Agents of Mayhem® (available August 15, 2017), eye tracking creates a fast-paced gaming experience with features that effortlessly enhance gameplay and create a more real-life experience.

Extended view allows players to rotate the in-game camera using eye and head tracking, allowing characters to quickly glance over their shoulders. With the addition of Awareness, the character’s head moves in the same direction as the players and makes the environment aware of where the player is looking.

Clean UI and Dynamic Light remove UI elements when not in use and make the brightness of the game adapt to different light environments.

With Aim at Gaze, it is possible for players to aim using their eyes, as in real-life, by looking directly at their targets. Alienware 17 owners can expect advanced AlienFX lighting features associated with the gameplay to bring the game to life.

Additional features may be added before the launch of the game.

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Genre: Action, Adventure

Platform: PC, Eye Tracker

Publisher: Deep Silver

Developer: Deep Silver Volition

Store: Steam

Immersive Features:
Extended View
Clean UI
Dynamic Light
Aim at Gaze

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