Eye tracking in games is here to stay. You saw it catching momentum in the E3 conference in L.A. If you didn’t and are curious, take a look at E3 2017 Tobii Gaming.
In the venue, we presented 17 new games modded for eye tracking.

• For Honor (Ubisoft)
• Assassin’s Creed Origins (Ubisoft)
• Agents of Mayhem (Deep Silver)
• Unturned (Smartly Dressed Games)
• Thea: The Awakening (MuHa Games)
• Slime Rancher (Monomi Park)
• Clustertruck (Landfall Games AB)
• GunFleet (Areo Gaming)
• Through the Woods (Antagonist)
• 7 Days to Die (The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC)
• The Forest (Endnight Games)
• Creativerse (Playful, Inc.)
• Event[0] (Ocelot Society)
• Distance (Refract Studios)
• Salt (Lavaboots Studios)
• Valley (Blue Isle Studios)
• Dungeons 2 (Kalypso MediaGroup GmbH)

The glue that unifies all those games is a common characteristic: Tobii provides added immersion to your gaming experience thanks to a feature called Extended View. The in-game camera pans as your gaze reaches the edges of the screen. The direct effect is that the margins of your PC screen and reality get blurred.

Video featuring Extended View in For HonorTM. Blinking is allowed during gameplay.

Another quality that adds immersion to your gameplay is an uncluttered screen, free of UI elements. All those elements that remind you that you are playing a game (Stats, mini-maps, capabilities … etc) dim until you look at them. Give a warm welcome to the immersive feature Clean UI.

Regarding Tobii Game Hub, some of you knew it by the name of Infinite Screen Extension, some didn’t. Anyways, that is old news, because we at Tobii have bigger plans than that.
What’s new then? We turned the old Infinite Screen extension that facilitates playing certain games with Tobii Eye Tracking into a Game Hub.

In this Tobii Game Hub, we feature all Tobii Eye Tracking enabled games. There are two different categories:

• Source integrated games (you tweak the eye tracking capabilities within the settings of the game).

• And games that have eye tracking enabled by Tobii Game Hub (all the customizations settings are available within Tobii Game Hub itself).

If you don’t have the hub yet, here is a friendly reminder brought to you by courtesy of Tobii Gaming 🙂

Download Tobii Game Hub

What’s in the Hub for you? It enables your gaze as a mechanic that enhances your gameplay in certain games. Also, you get to see first hand all the games existing in our portfolio, along with the description of the different immersive capabilities that Tobii Eye Tracking adds to the game.

At Tobii we are constantly expanding our portfolio, and we haven’t even gone deeper into upcoming titles such us For Honor, Agents of Mayhem and Assassin’s Creed Origins on this post.

Or VR games with eye tracking integrated

So stay tuned for more news, spread the word – if you so wish -, and when you have thoughts, suggestions, a digital pat on our shoulder or memes of your cat discovering eye tracking in gaming,  let’s have a chat through our social media channels ;).

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