You have heard how eye tracking enhances traditional gameplay. Now, we want to offer you a new perspective on the integration of eye tracking into games, in this case StarCrawlers.
For that, we reached out to George Cochrane, lead developer at Juggernaut Games, and we asked him 3 burning questions.

Short, sweet and to the point, here you have us brain picking George and unraveling why Juggernaut games trusted us and implemented Tobii Eye Tracking into the game, how the technology influences the in-game experience, and what is the reaction of gamers while playing StarCrawlers with eye tracking.

What was the purpose of designing StarCrawler sourced with eye tracking? Were your goals achieved?

When we first saw Tobii Eye Tracking at PAX East we knew it could add a whole new level of immersion to playing StarCrawlers. The Tobii engineers were fantastic in helping us achieve all the eye tracking goals we wanted to implement.

How does Eye Tracking technology impact the narrative and in-game experience?

A large part of the gameplay experience of StarCrawlers is exploring environments full of items, secrets, and puzzles – using eye tracking to navigate and interact adds a connection to the game that you can’t get using just mouse and keyboard. In addition, having convenient functions like CleanUI to reduce UI clutter and map navigation with gaze adds to make the overall experience feel even more immersive.

What’s the feedback you got from gamers after playing the game with Eye Tracking?

Extremely positive – players especially enjoy being able to use head tracking to control their point of view and using eye tracking in combat to target enemies and select abilities. Enhancing key areas of gameplay with eye tracking increased the value of our existing content- and that’s something players always enjoy!

See for yourself what’s in it for you 🙂

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