Make History in F1TM 2017 with integrated Eye Tracking

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Eye Tracking Hardware

Eye Tracking fully integrated and baked right into the very latest high performance gaming devices from Alienware, Predator, Acer and MSI.

Eye Tracking OEM Hardware
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Tobii Eye Trackers

Unleash the eye tracking gamer in you with the official range of Tobii eye tracker peripherals that can be used with your existing PC gaming devices.

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Bring the Mayhem with Alienware 17 and Tobii Eye Tracking

Bring the Mayhem with Eye Tracking

Use eye tracking to bring havoc to life in Agents of Mayhem, now available in a limited bundle with the purchase of an Alienware 17.

Exclusive Bundle

What Is Eye Tracking?

A technology that allows devices to understand what you are looking at – using an eye tracker. With it, you can complement keyboards, mice and gamepads as an input method for a new gaming experience.